Moheda M41T & M51T – New, longer, grapple loaders from FTG

Moheda M41T & M51T

FTG recently presented a series of new grapple loaders called M41T and M51T. The difference compared to the earlier models, M40 and M50, is that the new loaders have longer reach and more slewing torque. Both loaders also have more lifting torque meaning that they lift just as much on full length as the shorter predecessors, but more at shorter distances.

Moheda M41T & M51T
The new M41T crane from FTG has 30 % more slewing power than the predecessor M40. Suitable when you pull down stuck trees.

Moheda M41T & M51T – a sneak peek

The sister site had a sneak peek at a test rig that had been operated a few months by a contractor within forestry & garden, “Magnus’ Trädvård” (Magnus’ Tree care). The owner of the company, Magnus Jonsson, uses tractor, log trailer/grapple loader and chainsaw in his daily business. He gets more and more jobs in private gardens where the Valtra A83 and the Moheda 10-ton log trailer are a perfect combination. Smooth enough to maneuver and fast enough for transporting material (brush, logs, etc.) on the road.

Log Max Harvester Heads

More slewing torque makes a difference

According to Magnus there is a clear difference in slewing torque compared to the old models. When Skogsforum visited him, he pulled down some windthrown trees that were stuck in other trees and here you could see the power in the new loader. The M41T has approx. 30 % more slewing power that the M40 and the larger M51T has 60 % more than the predecessor M50.

The grapple loader that Magnus is using, and that you can see on the photos and film in this article, is the smaller M41T model. The larger M51T, that will be around soon, has a modified telescope boom of a similar type as on forwarder cranes.

Figures about M41T and M51T grapple loaders


Reach (meters)                                         6,9

Lifting torque (kNm)                                43

Lifting capacity at max reach (kg)            450

Lifting capacity at 4 meters (kg)              900

Slewing torque (kNm)                              11

Slewing angle                                           360

Rec. oil flow (l/min)                                  35 – 50

Weight excl. grapple and rotator (kg)      720


Reach (meters)                                         7,5

Lifting torque (kNm)                                55

Lifting capacity at max reach (kg)            500

Lifting capacity at 4 meters (kg)              1100

Slewing torque (kNm)                              16

Slewing angle                                           360

Rec. oil flow (l/min)                                  40 – 60

Weight excl. grapple and rotator (kg)      1080

Moheda M41T & M51T
Overview of the M41T compared to the old M40.
Moheda M41T & M51T
The design of the new M51T differs from the old M50 (below). The telescope and the reach is better on the new model.

Film and photos

Here is a film from the visit:

Ny längre kran från Moheda: FTG M41T jobbar i kohagen

and here are a couple of more photos:

Moheda M41T & M51T
A typical day on the job for Magnus.
Moheda M41T & M51T
Full reach on the M41T.

This is a summary of an article signed Torbjörn Johnsen at

Film and photos: Torbjörn Johnsen

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