Log Max 2000T – New harvester head for small harvesters

Log Max 2000T

On the 25th of January, Log Max launched the new harvester head Log Max 2000T. The new head will replace the classic 928A head. The sister-site Skogsforum.se paid a visit to the test drivers, took some pictures, and filmed the new head in action. Here are their impressions from the visit.

Log Max 2000T

Log Max 2000T

Log Max’s harvester range have a logical series of 1000-numbers. According to that series the 3000T was the smallest. However, the smallest head was the 928A. The odd number could be explained by the fact that the 928-model has been around since the early 90’s. There was a time when Log Max didn´t believe in a future for small harvester heads, but then came Malwa, Terri and other small harvesters and changed that.

Sales took off again and Log Max decided that the 928A had a future after all and started developing it. The result is the Log Max 2000T that replaces the classic 928A. The “T” stands for thinning, which marks that it is a small head we are dealing with.

Higher feeding speed and quicker cutting

The Log Max 2000T looks a lot like the 928A but there are several improvements on the new head. Among the most obvious, both for the operator and for anyone who is watching, are a 30 percent increased feeding speed and a quicker cutting saw. By using smaller hydraulic motors for the feed rollers, 280 cc instead of 365 cc, the speed has increased. To maintain the feeding power, the hydraulic pressure has been adjusted from 210 bar to 280 bar. The higher pressure also makes the saw much quicker.

Modified delimbing knifes and improved measuring

According to Log Max, the delimbing knifes on the new head are more durable thanks to entirely new castings. The edge of the knifes has also been given a new angle to improve the cutting function of all moving delimbing knives. The new edge angle is 35°.

The length measuring wheel has become a new contactless sensor and has no mechanical moving parts. This improvement means minimal need for service and maintenance.

Also the hydraulic cylinders have been improved. They are sturdier and are equipped with new robust sealings to cope even better with the tough environment in the forest.

Weight and measurements

The new harvester head is as mentioned above, as good as identical with the predecessor 928A in measurements. The weight of the 2000T is 18 kilos more than the 928A, 430 kilos instead of 412 kilos. The external dimensions are identical, but the max cutting diameter is 1 centimeter less on the 2000T compared to the 928A.

The 2000T head has been tested in south Sweden

The forest contractor Petter Marklid has had a Log Max 2000T on his Malwa harvester for some months. Skogsforum.se paid him a visit to get some more information and to film the machine in action. Petter’s Malwa operates in south Swedish young thinning, and we got to meet the operator Anton whose impressions of the new head you can see and hear in the film below.

Film and more info

You will find more information about the Log Max 2000T here.

Here is a film from the visit:

Log Max 2000T - Nytt skördaraggregat för små maskiner

And here are some more photos:

Log Max 2000T

Log Max 2000T

Log Max 2000T

Log Max 2000T

Log Max 2000T


Film and photos: Torbjörn Johnsen

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