John Deere 1470G harvester in action!

John Deere 1470G

In the series about sturdy harvesters, we have now come to the John Deere 1470G – the top of the line harvester in the John Deere range. This time, we managed to find a machine that had been in use less than a week.

John Deere Forestry

John Deere Forestry has a long and interesting history. For us older dudes, here in northern Europe, we still refer to John Deere as ÖSA, or even Kockums. Because the fact is that John Deere Forestry is a conglomerate of many brands.

What happened during the 70’s and 80’s was that the Finnish company Rauma Repola purchased Kockums, Lokomo, ÖSA, Mini Brunett, some more and eventually Timberjack. They all teamed up, first under the brand FMG (Forest Machine Group) and then Timberjack. In 2005 John Deere bought it all, lightened up the green color a bit and threw the Timberjack brand and the dark green color in the garbage bin. That was bald!!

John Deere 1470G

John Deere 1470G harvester

John Deere Forestry is one of the largest manufacturers of large-scale logging equipment. They are by far the largest manufacturer of machines for CTL (Cut-To-Length) Worldwide.

They have five wheeled CTL-harvesters in their range; 1070G, 1170G, 1270G, 1270G 8wd and the 1470G. You can read more about all their forestry ranges here.

As mentioned above, the 1470G is the biggest of the JD harvesters. It´s competing with Komatsu 951, Rottne H21, Ponsse Bear and EcoLog 590 in the same segment.

The contractor

The owner of this 1470G is the company Stigssons Skogsservice AB (Stigssons Forestry Service inc.). A family-owned company with a long history that spans over generations. Today they have the 1470G, one JD 1510G forwarder and one JD 1910G forwarder that is mainly used for scarifying.

John Deere 1470G
Part owner and operator, one of the Stigsson brothers, Ingvar Stigsson.

Facts and figures for the 1470G

Here are some figures picked out from


Model                                                       John Deere PowerTech Plus 6090

Non-Road Emission Standards                 EPA FT4

Maximum Power                                      200 kW (268 hp) at 1 600 – 1 900 rpm

Maximum Torque                                    1 315 Nm (970 ft.-lb) at 1 200 – 1 400 rpm

Fuel Tank Capacity                                   450 l (119 gal.)

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank Capacity          23 l (6 gal.)


Hydrostatic-mechanical, 2-speed gearbox

Tractive Force                                          200 kN (44 960 lb)

Travel Speed

Gear 1                                                       0 – 7,5 km/h (0 – 4,3 mph)

Gear 2                                                       0 – 22 km/h (13,7 mph)


Proportional frame steering with mini lever

Turning Angle                                           +/- 44

Brakes                                                      Hydraulically actuated, oil-immersed, multi-disc service and working brakes; spring actuated parking and emergency brakes; automated frame-oscillation brake.


Axles                                                         Hydromechanical differential lock at front and rear.

Front                                                         Balanced bogie axles

Rear                                                          Rigid axle

Electrical System

Voltage                                                     24 V

Batteries                                                   2 x 154 Ah

Alternator                                                 150 amps (28 volts)

Lights                                                        Halogen: 10 work lights; 4 boom lights and 6 thinning lights/LED lights optional

Hydraulic System

Load-sensing, power-adjustable, double pump system.

Pump Capacities                                      210 cm3 (13 and 180 cm3 (11

Maximum Operational Pressure              28 MPa (4 060 psi)

Hydraulic Tank                                         300 l (79 gal.)


Type                                                         CH9

Maximum Reach Length (incl. head)       8,6 m (28,2 ft)/10,0 m (32,8 ft)/11,0 m (36,1 ft)

Gross Lifting Torque                                 225 kNm (166 ft.-lb)

Slewing Torque                                        59 kNm (44 ft.-lb)

Slewing Angle                                           220

Tilt Angle Forward/Back                          +28 / -18


Levelling and rotation or fixed cabin.

Rotation angle                                          160

Sideways Tilt                                            17

Forward and Backward Tilt                      9

Measuring and Control System

Type                                                         PC/Windows 07-based TimberMatic H-16

Harvester Heads

Attachments                                            H480C, H270 Series II, H415, H215E and H290.


Length                                                      7 945 mm (26,07 ft.)

Front Axle – Middle Joint                         2 250 mm (7,38 ft.)

Rear Axle – Middle Joint                          2 020 mm (6,63 ft.)

Wheelbase                                               4 270 mm (14,01 ft.)

Tires, Front/Rear                                      26.5-20/34-16


600 Series Tires/650 Series Tires             N/A / Min. 2 990 mm (9,81 ft.)

710 Series Tires/750 Series Tires             N/A / Min. 2 990 mm (9,81 ft.)

Outer Turning Radius

710/750 Tires                                           N/A / Min. 6 930 mm (22,74 ft.)

Inner Turning Radius

710/750 Tires                                           N/A / Min. 3 690 mm (12,11 ft.)

Transport Height                                      3 910 mm (12,82 ft.)

Transport Length                                     12 280 mm (40,28 ft.)

Ground Clearance                                    750 mm (29,5 in.)

Min Machine Weight w/ Harvest head   22 900 kg (50 486 lb)

*Dimensions are guidelines only and may vary depending on production tolerances.

John Deere 1470G
The 1470G surrounded by high stumps that in this case marks some kind of relics that all machines have to avoid in the upcoming actions on the site.

More info and articles

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Here is a film from the visit to the JD 1470G.

John Deere 1470G harvester felling big trees


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