FinnMETKO – the first real forest machine show in a long time!


This year’s Elmia Wood didn’t live up to its name as a show for the large machines and the Interforst is mainly a parking place for forest machines. So, it’s about time that we get to see a real forest machine show – in the forest. The Finnish Forest.

Photo: Tapio Hirvikoski

FinnMETKO 1 – 3 September 2022

FinnMETKO is the home ground for some of the major forest machine manufacturers. Ponsse and John Deere Forestry have their CTL factories in Finland. Also, Komatsu Forest has some of its roots in the county even though its CTL machines are made in Sweden. Apart from the major brands, there are several smaller manufacturers of forestry equipment in Finland, also machines in the same category as mentioned above.

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In other words, this is the place where the news will be revealed and demonstrated. The major manufacturers are known to show who they are on this show – that it is their show – by bringing lots of machines and having big displays. Ponsse will, for sure, show both their new Mammoth forwarder and the electrical EV1 forwarder. The others will do everything to surpass that.

As usual, before you start packing, check the exhibitor’s list here and you won’t be disappointed.

FinnMETKO is Finnish

The FinnMETKO show takes place in Jämsänkoski some 220 kilometers north of Helsinki in central Finland, about a three-hour drive from the Helsinki airport. You will find out how to get there under the visitor’s information on the show’s homepage. One of the few pieces of information in English about the show.

Some non-Finnish visitors may find it difficult as most information is in the Finnish language. However, the Finns are very helpful, and you normally manage to get where and what you want anyway by asking. Most of the exhibitors are international so once you are at the fairground you will manage for sure.

The organizer of the FinnMETKO is Koneyrittäjät who is the contractor’s organization for construction- and forestry contractors. That means that you will also see construction machinery at the show.

We will be there and the Swedish sister-site will be there to cover the METKO show. We look forward to receiving a lot to write about. So, keep an eye here at

See you at the Metko!

Photo: Sirpa Heiskanen
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