Cranab gets large order from Russia

Cranab gets large order from Russia

The north Swedish crane manufacturer Cranab moves forward. An order of 100 truck cranes makes the Russian company Logisopt one of Cranab’s largest customers.

Cranab gets large order from Russia
Cranab receives large order on truck cranes from Russia.

Cranab gets large order from Russia

Cranab are most famous for making cranes and grapples for forest machines. During a long time in history, they also manufactured cranes for timber trucks. In the late 90’s, when they were a part of Valmet Logging (today’s Komatsu Forest) they stopped making truck cranes and focused on cranes for forest machines.

In 2004 Komatsu acquired Valmet Logging and in 2005 two local entrepreneurs buys Cranab from Komatsu. In 2015 a range of new truck cranes were launched. The first one was Cranab Z12. More models turned up shortly after that.


Logisopt is one of the major suppliers of trucks to the Russian forestry business. They deliver several hundred trucks within Russia every year.

“They have searched for alternative suppliers of truck cranes for a long time and eventually they found us,” says Anders Strömgren, managing director at Cranab AB. “Our cooperation started already in 2019 but was interrupted by a recession in Russia. During 2020 business gained speed again and we have a good order entry since December 2020.”

The first cranes have been delivered and the feedback from the Russian customers has so far been positive. Several orders for cranes have been received during 2021, of which the largest was for 100 cranes. Deliveries are planned to continue until December 2022.

Aftermarket – a challenge in Russia

As Russia is a large country and many Cranab cranes will be spread over a vast geographical area, the supply of spare parts and service will be a challenge. However, Cranab believes that this logistics will be solved through good cooperation with the local partner Logisopt and that the customers will be able to keep going without problems.

Read more about Cranab and the Cranab Group on their home-page here.

Photos: Cranab AB

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