A summary of this year’s FinnMETKO

A summary of this year’s FinnMETKO

It’s time to summarize FinnMETKO, the Metko show 2022. It was a great show indeed. We have written about small and big news, and most likely there were some more that we didn’t write about. Either because I didn’t see them or because there was no more room in my head. It’s close to impossible to cover everything on such a show.

A summary of this year’s FinnMETKO

28.120 visitors came to see what was to see at Metko -22 according to the organizer. Quite a good result compared to the normal 30.000+ considering that it was a post covid show and that other shows like Elmia Wood and Interforst lost a great number of visitors this year.

Log Max Harvester Heads

A summary of this year’s FinnMETKO

We have covered the show in a series of articles containing mainly one brand for each article. Interesting equipment that deserved separate articles, according to me. But of course, there was much more to see.

So, here are some more machines and equipment worth mentioning.

John Deere Forestry

John Deere Forestry had some interesting news. But unfortunately, only for the Finnish market. A planning tool for logging based on laser scan maps. The maps contain information about the forest such as species, stand density, terrain, slopes, moisture, and previous actions. It also gives information about neighbor stands and if there are any environmental or cultural issues to consider during logging operations.

A summary of this year’s FinnMETKO
Examples of mapping information the operator gets from the new JD planning tool.

Some sources are open, and some are developed especially for John Deere Forestry. However, the maps are free of charge for Finnish John Deere customers to integrate with the TimberMatic Map system.

Theoretically, this tool could be adapted also for other markets than Finland. The limiting factor is the availability of the sources. But for the moment there are no plans to introduce the system in any other markets.

A summary of this year’s FinnMETKO
The John Deere stand attracted the masses.

Eco Log and Rottne

Eco Log was also there. A small stand in the forest but without any demo. The stand contained only one harvester, an Eco Log 590.

A summary of this year’s FinnMETKO
Eco Log had a 590 harvester on the stand.

And so was Rottne, together with SP Maskiner, both represented by a Finnish dealer. Rottne had one harvester and one forwarder on the stand. Just like Eco Log, they presented no demo during the show.

A summary of this year’s FinnMETKO
Two Rottne machines were displayed at the Metko.

Sampo Rosenlew

Sampo Rosenlew is most famous for agricultural equipment, but they also have a range of forest machines. At the Metko they showed a great share of the range including one piece of interesting news. Something that looked like a harvarder.

A summary of this year’s FinnMETKO
The Sampo “harvarder”.

And much much more …

As mentioned above in the article, it’s difficult to cover everything on a show like this. There was of course much more to see.

It was a great show and I look forward to the next FinnMETKO on the 29th – 31st of August 2024.

Photos: Per Jonsson

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