Time to hide – if you are a moose

Moose hunt has begun

Up until one or two years ago, the moose hunt in south Sweden always started on the second Monday in October. That’s today according to that tradition. However, the new rules say that the moose hunt starts on the 8th of October. 

Moose hunt has begun
Family Moose having lunch.

The moose hunt is on

This means that some hunters hit the forest two days ago, on Saturday the 8th, and some others keep to the tradition and start today.

Log Max Harvester Heads

When I was working in the forest, with a chainsaw or a machine, there could be problems finding a forest where we were allowed to work during the moose hunt. Some forest owners wanted to have their forest felled – but not during the moose hunt! I can recall some “interesting” discussions with forest owners from that time.

But there were never any problems that couldn’t be solved. As in most other cases, good communication solves the most.

Crowded forests

A much bigger problem was, and still is that all foresters and other forestry people leave their offices and phones to go hunting. You can’t reach anyone. Sometimes I wonder why the moose stay as the forest gets invaded by hunters. On the other hand, they have no other place to go. Maybe to the village? Like the ones in the photo above.

Anyway, for many this week is like Christmas eve. I know people who wait for the moose hunt all year long. I say good luck to them. And, if the moose by any chance read this (which I seriously doubt), I say Time to hide!

(According to hunters that I know, they are quite good at hiding)

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