Ponsse launches new cranes

Ponsse launches new cranes

On the 26th of May, Ponsse launched two new cranes at a live streaming webinar. The new cranes are developed in cooperation with customers for efficient log handling, also in demanding conditions.

Ponsse launches new cranes
Photo: Ponsse.com

Ponsse launches new cranes

The two new K101 and K111 cranes are available for the Ponsse Buffalo, Buffalo King and Bison Active Frame forwarders. The Ponsse Active Crane loader control system is also available for the new cranes. It allows the operator to control grapple movements instead of each function.

“Loaders account for a significant part of forwarders’ operating hours and loads are large in this size category.” says Juha Haverinen, forwarder product manager at Ponsse and continues. “For these reasons, the efficiency of the loader has a significant impact on the productivity of the forwarder. The whole new geometry and high power of the new Ponsse K101 and K111 loaders enable accurate controls and precise operations. A user-friendly loader is a particularly important factor considering the smooth flow of work and the operator’s wellbeing. The new loaders feature powerful hydraulics and proven structure, with which even the farthest stems can be loaded safely and precisely. The new loaders also include new working lights.”

More about the new cranes from Ponsse

Find out more at Ponsse.com.

The press release from 26th of May


the webinar.

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