No sign of the corona effect in the sales figures for forwarders in Q1 2020 *

Swedish forwarder market

Looking at the number of registered forwarders for the first quarter of 2020, there are no signs of the corona crisis. The reason is that the machines that were delivered by the beginning of this year were sold last year. Paradoxically, 2020 can turn out to be one of the best years in the 21st century for forwarders so far. This despite the fact that most manufacturers have temporarily closed or slowed down their production in the factories.

John Deere and Ponsse grows on the Swedish forwarder market

Registrations** and deliveries of forwarders in Sweden increased by 50 % during Q1 2020 compared to the same period last year. In actual numbers, that means 40 more units, mainly from John Deere and Ponsse, were registered. Also, EcoLog and Sampo-Rosenlew have increased with a few units each. Among the other manufacturers, there are no, or small changes compared to the same period last year.

Swedish forwarder market
The number of registered forwarders and market shares for different brands during Q1 2020 compared to Q1 2019.
Source: Data from the Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen), summarized by

John Deere 1510G, a winner in Sweden

The most popular of the forwarders on the Swedish market is the 15-tonner JD 1510G. That was the most sold forwarder in Sweden during 2019 and so it continues to be also this year.

Swedish forwarder market
John Deere 1510G, the most sold forwarder in Sweden during Q1 2020.

On second place on the top list, we find John Deeres new 1010G. It´s an 11-tonner that seems to be the most preferred of the two small forwarders that John Deere offers. The other one is JD 910G.

The same phenomena are seen at Rottnes two small models. The 10-tons F10D is not on the top list for Q1 2020. Instead, the 11-tonner F11D has taken over.

Swedish forwarder market
The new 16-tons forwarder Ponsse Bison is starting to come out on the Swedish market.

The list goes on

Number three on the list is Komatsu 855, Ponsse Buffalo and JD 12010G share the 4th place. Also, the new, a bit larger Ponsse Bison has started to move on the Swedish market. Among other Komatsu models, the 875 and 895 are doing well.

You can see the whole list for Q1 2020 here below.

Swedish forwarder market
Sold and registered forwarders on the Swedish market in Q1 2020.
Source: Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen). Summarized by

Fewer large forwarders

Looking at the average size of the forwarders over time there has been a steady increase of machine weight and loading capacity. Larger forwarders have become more common. However, in Q1 2020 we see a decrease of the share registered “larger forwarders”. Forwarders with a loading capacity of over 18 tons decreases for the first time in five years. The future will tell if this something temporary or if it is a continuing trend.

The future

All machines that were delivered during Q1 were sold last year. According to the machine manufacturers, the orders kept coming at the beginning of this year. Just now, the forest contractors are starting to hold back on investments in new machinery.

The manufacturers that we spoke to are quite positive over the current situation. Although many businesses in Sweden are more or less closed, and concerns over the shrinking market for the sawmilling industry, the forest machine manufacturers mean that the situation is “better than expected”. Compared to the crisis in 2008/2009 this is not very dramatic.

Back then orders were canceled by the minute and the financing system collapsed. Now, only a few order cancellations have occurred, and the contractors seem to still have plenty of jobs.

Shorter delivery times

Due to the hot market, machine manufacturers have struggled with long delivery times for a long time. Now, as the number of machine orders is going down, the situation may turn to the opposite. and will for sure follow this up.

* This is a summary of an article signed Torbjörn Johnsen at the Swedish sister-site

** In Sweden, all forwarders are registered by the authority Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen). As the Swedish market for CTL-machines is the largest market in the World (2019), those figures give a fairly good picture of the total market for CTL-machines. The harvesters are, however, not registered by the Transport Agency, but the number of manufactured harvesters follows the number of forwarders in most cases.

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