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Some time ago I wrote about log trailers. As you may remember, this was something completely new to me. Now, when I have had the chance to look deeper into this, I have discovered that there are many log trailers on the market. If you ask me, it´s a jungle. Who can sort that out? Well, we took on the challenge.

Listing of Log Trailers

There are probably lists of log trailers all over the Internet. But to find one that suits us ( and was difficult. So, we made our own. We have tried to not have too much details in it, but enough details to give a fair view of the manufacturers, and a good overview.

For those who want to dig deeper, we have added links to the manufacturer’s homepages, most of them in English. You can also find basic information about different types: trailers för ATV or tractor. Also some information about the different manufacturers size range (load capacity in metric tons) and if they offer different capacities as frame steering, driving and/or brakes.

Here’s also a video from where we tried four different log trailers from Moheda and Kesla. It’s in Swedish but has subtitles in English:

Skogsanpassade Valtratraktorer med Mohedas och Keslas vagnar

It’s most likely that there are more manufacturers to find than those we have listed here. If you know more brands and manufacturers, don’t hesitate to send me an email and we will update the list. It’s also possible to register your own account here at and start discussions about log trailers or other interesting topics. Here’s the link to create your member account.

Bon appetite log trailer lovers:

BrandManufacturerCountrySize range from (ton)Size range to (ton)Trailers for ATVTrailers for tractorsFrame steeringDriveBrakes
AvestavagnenUnimet ABSweden??YesYesYesOptionalNo
BinderbergerBinderberger Maschinenbau GmbHAustria517NoYesYesYesYes
BMFOÜ LisakoEstonia618NoYesYesOptionalOptional
CountryComa Investing OÜEstonia1,511YesYesYesOptionalOptional
Fao FarFao FarPoland515NoYesYesOptionalYes
FarmaAS ForsEstonia612NoYesYesYesYes
FarmiFarmi Forest OyFinland915NoYesYesOptionalNo
FarmtechFarmtech d.o.o.Slovenia1111NoYesNoNoYes
Forest KällefallFTG BalticLatvia512NoYesOptionalOptionalOptional
Forest MasterUnterreiner Forstgeräte GmbHGermany316NoYesYesOptionalOptional
G-HTWForst und Technik Anröchte GmbHGermany11,517,5NoYesYesOptionalYes
GuerraIndustrias Guerra S.A.Spain10,615NoYesYesYesNo
HittnerHittner d.o.o.Croatia1010NoYesNoNoNo
HyproHypro ABSweden1414NoYesYesYes?
IglandIgland ASNorway79,5NoYesYesYesYes
Junkkari/PatruunaMSK GroupFinland7,512NoYesYesOptionalOptional
K.T.SK.T.S. Maskiner ABSweden8,511NoYesYesOptionalOptional
KeslaKesla OyFinland912NoYesYesYesYes
KranmanKranman ABSweden1,95YesYesYesYes?
KrpanPIŠEK - VITLI KRPAN, D.O.O.Slovenia812NoYesYesOptionalYes
MohedaFTG Cranes ABSweden915noYesYesYesYes
MowiFTG Cranes ABSweden715noYesYesYesYes
MöreMöre MaskinSweden1,514YesYesYesOptionalOptional
Nokka Forest/Forest ProHT ENERCO OYFinland113YesYesYesYesOptional
OehlerOehler Machinenbau GmbHGermany816NoYesYes?Yes
OstlerRichard Ostler Maschinenbau GmbHGermany1116NoYesYesYesYes
PalmsPalmse Mehaanikakoda LLCEstonia615NoYesYesOptionalYes
PfanzeltPfanzelt Maschinenbau GmbHGermany617NoYesYesYesYes
R.M InternationalRM international d.o.o.Slovenia6,513NoYesYesOptionalOptional
ScandicScandicon OÜEstonia615NoYesOptionalOptionalOptional
SedlmayerSedlmeyer GmbHGermany1417NoYesYesYesYes
StepaSTEPA Farmkran GmbHAustria613NoYesYesYesYes
Trejon MultiforestTrejon ABSweden6,518NoYesYesYesYes
Uniforst (Oniar)ATG Agrartechnikgeräte e UAustria514NoYesYesOptionalOptional
Vahva JussiKreisi Metall OÜEstonia1,52YesNoNoOptionalNo
VretenBala Agri ABSweden914NoYesYesOptionalOptional
WeimerWeimer SkogsteknikSweden512NoYesYesNoNo
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