EcoLog 560E CTL-harvester in spruce thinning

Here is a short video from an EcoLog 560E machine demo in spruce thinning. It’s a 560E harvester with a LogMax 4000T head and a 574E forwarder doing the job. The site is a 45+ year old spruce on good soil in southern Sweden and this is the last thinning of this stand. The production of the harvester in this kind of forest is amazingly good with a high feeding speed of the harvester head and a good size of the trunks.

The Ecolog 560E harvester operate in the striproads that where cut in the first thinning and there is also space for the forwarder to haul the logs in those striproads. In this second thinning, the machine only cut trees in between the striproads as a selective thinning.


ecolog 560E using existing strip roads
The 560E harvester use the same strip roads that where cut at the first thinning 10 years ago. Thinning is done selective between the strip roads


In this logging it’s cut both sawlogs and pulpwood. Sometimes harvesters also cut short chip’n-saw logs if there are any demand for such wood. Modern harvesters use a color mark system which mark each log with a one-two colour identification if necessary.


color mark Logmax 400T
The harvester head LogMax 4000T has a color mark systen to help identify different log assortments


There are some technical specifications of the EcoLog 560E harvester and the 574E forwarder in this video but you can get more information at EcoLogs website.

We have made several features and videos here at about thinning with CTL-harvesters and here is some more to find:

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Here is a video and some more pictures of the EcoLog 560E harvester and the EcoLog 574E forwarder:

Demo av EcoLog 560E skördare och 574E skotare i gallring


EcoLog560 with LogMax 4000T head
This EcoLog 560E was equipped with a LogMax 400T harvester head


CTL harvester EcoLog 560 with Logmax 4000T colour mark
This EcoLog harvester use a LogMax 4000T harvester head with colour mark system
ecolog 560e with 11,5 m crane
The strip road operating harvester EcoLog 560E has a 11,5 meter crane reach


EcoLog 560E with Volvo penta engine
Today all EcoLog machines are equipped with Volvo Penta engines


Logging demo in spruce stand with EcoLog 560E
This logging demo was held in a nice spruce stand
Forwarder EcoLog 574E
Forwarder EcoLog 574E with half a load
EcoLog 574E forwarder
The EcoLog 574E forwarder are not as wide as the 560E harvester so it can easily use the strip roads where the harvester are able to drive
thinning crew EcoLog 560E and Ecolog 574E
The CTL thinning crew on this site was a EcoLog 560E harvester and a EcoLog 574E forwarder


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