2021 – How good can it get?


2021 has started. The year when we learned about social distancing, the spreading of viruses and what “pandemic” means is over. Yes, the problems are still here but now we know about them, are used to them and can handle them (most of us anyway – theoretically). And – honestly – social distance is nothing revolutionary for us in the forest, is it? So, let us all go to the forest and do some good! Who knows, it could be a giant step for mankind? 

2021 – A year of opportunities

Every January is the same. Promises are made, new goals are set, the future seems bright(-er). But by the end of the month, we realize that life is still the same and nothing has changed. Why is it always like that?

Last year was, however, different. Around March everything changed. Fairs and events were cancelled the rest of the year, industries had to close, the stock market collapsed. All because of a virus very few of us ever heard of before that. Let´s hope we get a reaction in the other direction this year. If nothing else – I really want to visit some forestry shows in 2021!!

Go to the forest and do some good!

I don´t know about others, but I think the forest is healing in many ways. After all good food during the holidays, I decided to start up the Husky, sharpen the chain and go for some exercise. My fiancée happens to have some spruce trees along a small creek that has to be removed to let hardwood trees and bushes come up and create some future shade for the creek. Mainly birch but if possible, also some hazelnut and alder would be nice to have there. For the moment the spruces are standing so dense that the ground underneath is as good as “dead”.

I also signed up for a second thinning that I am working with a couple of days a week. So, I´m counting on getting fit in time for the beaches in the summer, or maybe next summer …

The first part of the job is done.

Join us in the forest and at NordicWoodJournal.com

I will keep working in the forest and report about that, but also write about what happens in the north European forests in general.

See you in the forest and at nordicwoodjournal.com in 2021!

The forest makes you happy (or mad?).
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